Stop Making Excuses!

I have heard all the excuses in the book. I’m tired. It’s been hectic at work. I’ve got Mondayitis. I forgot to eat breakfast. I’m a bit rundown. I’ve got shin splints. I’ve got a headache. GET REAL PEOPLE!  Have a look at some of the top excuses not to exercise AND ways to get around them. Then go out there and reach your goal!

Once you have read the excuses, watch the NO EXCUSES video below and let me know how you feel!


Lies. Yes you do. Get up earlier or make time. If you have time to watch the news or your favourite tv show at night then you have time to exercise. In each of the ad breaks try doing star jumps, high knees, sit ups, push ups or even step ups onto a chair or coffee table. In one half an hour show there is approximately 10 minutes of ads. That’s 10 minutes of burning calories you otherwise would have not used sitting on your ass watching tv.


Go to bed earlier and get more sleep. Fatigue can actually be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, you will most likely have much more energy once you start exercising and find that you sleep better at night as well. Trust me.


You don’t need money to exercise and you don’t need a gym either. Moving your ass is actually FREE!!!! Go for a walk or jog around the block. Get a skipping rope and do 10 minutes of skipping in the lounge or backyard. Do tricep dips off the coffee table. Use the coffee table, a chair or stair case as a stepper. Do crunches and glute work on the ground in front of the TV. You don’t need to pay for expensive gym equipment or pay a weekly rate to exercise, so no excuses!


We now live in a world where there is a fabulous thing called the INTERNET. The internet is how you are reading this at the moment! You can find out how to do ANYTHING (and I mean anything!) on the internet. Use Google or YouTube to search how to do certain exercises. There are free videos and tutorials everywhere and not just on how to do exercises. There are free classes such as Pilates, yoga, aerobics, zumba, dance and much much more to watch and follow along! Other options are paying for a personal trainer, joining a gym or buying workout DVDS.


Take the kids with you. Go to the park or playground and instead of watching, play with them! Play tag, leap-frog, duck duck goose, or have a race! Organise to do a Fun Run with the whole family. Or get a friend or family member to look after the kids while you go for a quick 30min walk or run. Lots of gyms also offer free day care. Contact your local gym and see if they offer it or look around for a daycare that you may be able to afford. If you’re watching your child’s sport games or practices, walk around the field or court. There is ALWAYS a way to get in some exercise, even if you are a busy Mum.


Find something you like doing. Try dancing, boxing, stepping, pilates, swimming, gardening, or even pole dancing! Ask a friend to go for a walk with you so you can catch up while you exercise. Join a sports club or bootcamp course. Listen to an audiobook or podcast while your running or try reading a book or magazine while you are on the bike at the gym. Ask for a program at the gym so can be doing a different work out each day. The key is to mix it up so you don’t get bored with doing the same thing each day.

If you can’t be bothered to exercise or eat right then that is your choice, but you have to live with the number that comes up on the scales. In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT!


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